CCAM4 Installation


CCAM4 - Indexing Flutes (Part 2)

In the last video we created the code to machine stopped flutes and flutes with a lead-in using  Conversational CAM 4 (CCAM4).  In this video we take those programs to the Legacy CNC and mill four sample pieces that feature straight lead-in, radius lead-in and stopped flutes with both a core box bit and a v bit.


CCAM4 - Indexing Flutes (Part 1)

For years customers have asked fora method of creatng a lead-in for indexed flutes on a spindle.  Legacy's Conversational CAM 4 now offers three options for indexed flutes: stopped flutes, radius leadthe new lead-in opti-in flutes and straight lead-in flutes.  Look for Part 2 of this video as we take the program generated in Conversational CAM 4 in this video and mill a few samples so you can see the differences when machining the parts.

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