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7 ways to tell your CNC Story

In this ecomony everyone is always searching for ways to promote themselves and find more avenues for income.  Some of the most effective ways to promote yourself are free.  I will highlight a few of them here.

1- Become a Legacy Featured Artist.  This is a great way to be able to talk with your customers and be able to say my work has been published.   Being able to say this helps instill confidence in the potential customer and he is more likely to choose you because of it.

2- YouTube videos.  With the rise of the smart phones, uploading videos to YouTube has become fast and easy with little or no editing.   

3- Facebook postings. With everyone "plugged-in" these days Facebook has become a place where people go to find out about the newest products and services.  Recently my wife posted some of her crafts on facebook just to show her friends, she has since recieved several e-mails asking if she will make more to sell.  This style of "viral-marketing" is becoming more and more powerful.

4- Twitter.  Tweeting is the newest way to talk.  If people like what you have to say they can even re-tweet your posting.  On twitter you can only use  text so to use Twitter to your best advantage I use links and tweet out my pictures and videos from Facebook or YouTube.

5- Send in your Tips.  This is a great way to get published.  Many of our customers are much more clever than we are and have many great ideas on how to add jigs, make fixtures, DIY dust control and so on. We will be taking one tip a month and spotlight it in our e-mails.  you can see all the tips on our forum.

6- Guest Instructor.  Each week Legacy puts on two live online training classes.  If you have a project or technique you want to share you could be our next guest intructor.  Our online classes are growing each week and we are always looking for people that are willing to share their CNC experience.  In the past we have had Dan Johnson teach a class on hollow spiral finials and Chris from Wheat State Wood Designs show us how to build a beautiful croquet set.  You could be our next guest instructor.  Contact John at john@legacywoodworking.com if you are interested.

7- Americas Hobbies.  I just found out about this site through Jared Willoghby one of my customers.  You can see his video here.  He mentioned that with the posting of just one short video that his market has expanded across the USA.  

Selling yourself is at least as important as selling your product for success.  People buy for several reasons; they trust the seller, they like the sellers product, they have a need for the product, and they want to be proud of what they bought.  By telling your CNC story you can have the confidence to say, "Yes, I can do that".






CNC Contest

It is time to show off what you are doing with your CNC. Send pictures of you and your projects to contest@legacywoodworking.com and win the complete CNC Carving bit set.  This set includes 4 tapered carving bits; 0.03 diameter, 0.06 diameter, 0.09 diameter and 0.12 diameter,that's a 250.00 value!


Investing Strategies

 Can you do better investing in the Stock Market or Investing in a Legacy 5-Axis Hybrid CNC?   In this video we layout a business model and opportunity with a potential rate of return (ROI) on your investment that will surprise you.  One of the best aspects of investing in yourself, besides the incredible potential rate of return, is that you are in control.


The CNC Experience - Building a Curved Front Cabinet (Week 2)

Step Four - Mill the straight and curved moldings for the base and top of the cabinet.

The first step in creating the curved molding along the font of the base and top of the cabinet was to draw the curve in my CAD system.

The drawing above shows the base with bracket feet.  I'll use the line at the front of the molding to create my tool paths in Aspire.


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The CNC Experience - Building a Curved Front Cabinet (Week 1)

 Why CNC?

Over the past few years, as I've urged woodworkers to consider adding CNC equipment to their workshop, I've heard objections like these:

  • CNC routers are only useful for processing sheet goods.
  • CNC systems cost too much, I wouldn't get a good return on my investment.
  • I don't have the computer skills to run a piece of CNC equipment.
  • I already have a shop full of great equipment, the perfect shop in fact, why do I need a CNC router?
  • Automation is the enemy of creativity; I don't want my projects to look like they came out of a cookie cutter.

The CNC Experience

As I think about the best way to answer these questions I always come to the same conclusion.  You have to experience CNC woodworking to really understand the advantages, the power, and the pure fun involved.

My Qualifications

First, let me say that I'm not an expert furniture designer or a world renowned woodworker, or even an author with several successful woodworking books in print.  So, why am I writing a column on CNC woodworking?  I know CNC equipment and processes.  For the past 30 years I've used many different types of CNC equipment and CAD/CAM software to solve manufacturing problems and produce profits.

Purpose of This Column

Obviously, the very best way to experience CNC woodworking is to come to our factory and test drive a Legacy CNC woodworking system.  Nothing beats real "Hands-on" experience; however, not everyone can make the trip to Utah, so I'll endeavor, in this column, to share the experience with you in print form.  To do this I'll be building a series of projects.

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