Karl Hale - Hale Kinetics
Springville, UT

Starting with a degree in accounting, Karl later changed gears and created a successful career in software engineering.  In 2014  he purchased a CNC from Legacy and changed his focus completely to his passion in woodworking and became a kinetic artist.  Check out his work, it will blow you away.  

Doug Pinney
Monument, CO 

Doug has created a post retirement business in woodworking that allows him to continue learn new skills.  He builds a wide range of projects depending upon his customers needs. His Legacy hybrid CNC also allows Doug to take on projects that all other CNC companies in his area won't touch because they are too difficult.

Clark Fogle
Bountiful, UT

Clark has been working with wood since he was a child.  He has furnished his home with pieces of furniture using traditional tools, but now that he owns a Legacy CNC he says "The only limition is my imagination."

Ray Castlebury
Casper, Wy 

Semi-retired entrpeneur has created a successful woodworking business using his Legacy CNC without advertising or creating a website.