Carved Cabinet Doors and Panels

Ride the latest trend in the industry embellishing doors and panels with V bit carvings, relief carvings and inlay.  Join Legacy' Open House on July 12, 2011 to how affordable and easy it is to set your business apart and expand your markets with carved doors and panels.


Preview CCAM's Optional Contour Turning Process

Preview Legacy's new optional process for turning a contoured round section.  We used TurboCAD to draw the spindle and then took the coordinates from the drawing and plugged them into CCAM4's new Turning Round Contour Profile process to generate the code.  This technique will open new world of possibilities for turning spindles.  We will create new processes to mill multi-side parts following a contour or add details like contoured flutes or reeds that cut from the side of the part following a contour.  We can also add spiral flutes and any number of possilities all following a contour profile.


Custom 3 Spindle CNC

Legacy builds both production and custom CNC machines.  This 3 spindle configuration is a very economical way to triple your production.  Call Legacy at 800 279 4570 to learn more about custom CNC machines.


Turning Demo - Combining machining, turning and carving techniques

By combining the turning, machining and carving capabilities of Legacy's hybrid CNCs you can create parts that cannot be turned on a traditional or CNC lathe.   This spindle will be used in our project series to build a three legged pedestal.


Introducing the NEW Mini Arty CNC

This feature packed CNC allows you to create everything from turned carvings to dovetail joinery.  The Mini Arty is a bench model but in this video we show it on the optional floor stand and Legacy work station.