4 Axis Vs. 5 Axis Turning

Legacy's exclusive 5th axis for turning between centers results in faster smoother operations when machining tapers.  Conversational CAM 4.0 will take full advantage of 5th axis.


Spiral Brick Pattern

The brick pattern is a design that one of our customers was interested in so we put together this short video and some instruction on creating the G Code.  Legacy customers can login to see two versions of the G Code by clicking on "Community" and then selecting "CNC Training" from the drop down menu.  If you are already logged in you can follow this link Spiral Brick Pattern

The soon to be released Conversational CAM 4.0 will have an update process built into the program that will allow you to quickly update new processes into your C/CAM without installing a new version.  New processes (and cost if any) will be listed in the library section of our site.

Please feel free to post comments in the CNC Training article.  If you have questions or suggestions you can share them with everyone else and we will be able to answer your questions so that everyone sees the answer.

Tracy Anderson
Legacy Woodworking Machinery


Converstional CAM 4.0 Sneak Preview

The soon to be released Conversational CAM 4.0 will allow you to take full advantage of Legacy's exclusive 5-axis turning technology.  Simply answer a few questions to instantly generate a program to create parts that feature multi-sided cross sections, straight or tapered round sections, flutes, reeds, spirals, tool profile turnings and much more.  In this first video we take a sneak preview as we create a program to mill straight and tapered round sections.  Depending upon which Legacy CNC you own, the program will either adjust the bed automatically for the tapered section or have you set the bed manually.  See how quick and easy it is to create multiple processes that easy easy be rearranged, exchanged with other process or edited on the fly.


Historic Reproduction - Part 2

In part two or this series we will turn and carve the finial for the newell posts.  Most of the turning details were created using Legacy's Conversational CAM.  The carved leafs were designed using ArtCAM Pro.


Historic Reproduction - Part 1

Harry Tippets of Legacy Woodworking Machinery uses his Artisan CNC to reproduce the balusers and newel post in a historic building.  In Part 1 Harry turns the balusters featuring heavy tapered flutes and two carved sections.