Etching Glass Part 2 - Create and Run Program

In this second video we used VCarve Pro to create the tool paths and generate the G Code and then ran the program to etch the top of a glass mirror.  You will learn a tough off method that is extremely accurate and the bit never touches the glass.




Etching Glass Part 1 - Surfacing a Table

In this first video we will mount a table on the bed rails of Legacy's new Personal CNC.  We will also generate the code and machine the table perfectly flat.  In the next video we will mount and etch the glass.  It is imperative that the table is perfect because we will only cut .005" into the glass when etching the pattern.  If the table isn't flat, you won't get a uniform cut or you'll crack the glass.


Carving On A Raised Panel Door

Enhance your woodworking projects by adding relief carving and v-bit (chip) carving on flat panels or wrapped around a spindle.  In this video John Hennen created the wildlife scene using VectorArt3D's Design & Carve Series.  the individual components were loaded into Aspire where they can be positioned sized and arranged.  the doors were carved using legacy's OM5 CNC; however, the Artisan or Legacy's new Personal CNC would also do the trick.  John was able to complete the carving in one pass using an 1/8" diameter tapered carving bit.


"Arty" Sneak Preview

Watch the prototype of Legacy's new Personal CNC, code named "Arty", run its very first program.  Scheduled for release in January 2010, this system is design for the home shop.

Name Legacy's new Personal CNC and get $1,000 off the price.  Suggestions for the product name can be submitted through the email suggestion box.


Machining Through Dovetails

Through dovetails, sliding dovetail joints, finger joints, halving joints, dowel joints, dado joints, lap joints, bridle joints or mortise and tenon joints; precision joinery is a critical component of almost every woodworking project. Legacy's open frame construction allows you to clamp your stock horizontally or vertically to machine an impressive array of precision joinery.  In this demo video we used Turbo CAD and V Carve Pro to create the programs for machining the tails and pins to create through dovetails.