Milling a Square Post with Flutes and Joinery

Legacy's Conversational CAM V3.11 now includes a module for millin a square or multi-sided cross section.  In this video we demonstrate milling a square post that has parallel flutes and chamfered edges for joinery where the rails will join the post at the corners.  We will demonstrate milling rails with the tenons to match in a seperate video.


Carving a Spindle Demonstration

There are three techniques for turnin a spindle.  In this vide we will demonstrate carving a grapevine in a spiral pattern on a spindle.  The part was deigned using artCAM and we use a speciality cutter to mill the spindle in one pass.  That's right, no rough cut necessary.


Inlay Demonstration

The code for this demonstration was created in VCarve Pro.  The 45 degree beveled edges on both the pocket and the inlay insures a very tight fit.  The inlay design is a mirror image of the design and the V-bit cut is offset to the outside making the piece slightly larger than the pocket.


Auto Tool Change & Smart Tool Demo

Legacy's continuous passion and drive for versatility and simplicity has led to another breakthrough in CNC automation.  Legacy's optional Auto Tool Change or ATC uses a high frequency Spindle with a pneumatic chuck.  ISO tool holders and collets allow you to insert various cutting tools with shaft diameters ranging from 1/16" to 5/8" allowing the broadest range of cutter sizes and types.  Legacy's Smart Tool eliminates the need to create tool libraries with height offsets, greatly simplifying the Auto Tool Change process.


Basic Turning Demonstration

In this video we demonstrate two turning methods.  The first method uses cutting tool profiles to form the turned detail.  This method is very fast and results in a smooth finish that requires very little finishing sanding.   In the second method we program the cutter to follow a profile as we spin the stock.  Legacy customers can now download this sample code free of charge.

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