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Turning a Baseball Bat

In this video we used TurboCAD to draw the bat, Conversational CAM's new Turning Contours process to program the turning and Aspire to program the carved logo.


Spindle / Router Options

Legacy CNC Spindle Options

Legacy offers several spindle options for you 5-Axis Hybrid CNC.

Choose an economical router, a whisper quiet liquid cooled 220 Volt High Frequency Spindle, a powerful air cooled 220 Volt High Frequency Spindle or the award winning DynaLOC Auto Tool Change Spindle....


Video transcript:

Hi, I'm Tracy with Legacy woodworking machinery. Today I want to talk a little bit about the spindle options that you have when purchase your Legacy 5-axis hybrid CNC. The most economical choice for your spindle is actually a router. Legacy offers two mounting brackets for different size routers. The smaller set fits a 3 1/2 inch diameter router, and the larger set fits a 4.2 inch diameter router. For the smaller router, we prefer the Bosch 16-17 EBS. It's a 2 1/2 horsepower router that performs extremely well and is relatively quiet for a router. If you need a little more horsepower, then we recommend the 3 1/4 horse power porter-cable model 75-18. The biggest advantage of using a router is the cost. You can either provide your own router or you can have legacy provide the router and have it mounted and tested on the system when it ships. When using a router, the disadvantages include power limitations and noise level. When using a large router like Porter Cable, the noise level is acceptable when turning at low RPM. However when you turn up speed, the noise level can be annoying; so we recommend using a good set of earphones when you're using a router.

Now let's step out into the warehouse and we'll take a look at a second option for your router or spindle. On this 72-inch Artisan, and we've installed a 220-volt liquid cooled high-frequency spindle. When I fire up this spindle, the reduction in noise level is substantial. You can easily talk over the spindle. In fact, the router bit cutting the wood will make more noise than the spindle itself. Another advantage is this spindle is its size and weight, plus the additional torque that the spindle provides Plus, you have the extended range of spindle speeds: starting as low as 1500 rpm and a high end of 24,000 rpm. Compare that to the 10,000 to 21,000 rpm when using a router. Even at the full 24,000 rpm, the noise level is greatly reduced. This 220 volt spindle can be set up for either single-phase or three-phase connections, and can be used on Legacy's full line of CNCs including the the Arty and the new Mini Arty. On Legacy's larger machines, the Artisan and the new Artisan II series, you can also use either a 5 horsepower air-cooled manual tool change spindle, or a 7 1/2 horsepower air-cooled auto tool change spindle. For the manual tool change spindle, Legacy uses the RS series 5 horsepower spindle from PDS or Precision Drive Systems. And for the auto tool changer option, Legacy uses PDS's award-winning DynaLOC spindle.

PDS chose Legacy to debut this award-winning spindle during the 2010 international woodworking fair in Atlanta Georgia. The DynaLOC spindle features a revolutionary, patent-pending DynaLOC automatic tool change system. The DynaLOC system allows for a compact spindle that automatically changes HSK style tool holders. This spindle can clamp either HSK 32e or HSK 40f style tool holders and does not require traditional draw bar system for making tool changes. The entire clamping mechanism is located in the front of the spindle.

Features of the DynaLOC automatic tool changer system include: a fail-safe design that eliminates accidental tool rejection in the unlikely event of a failure, the elimination of trouble from draw bars and spring packs, the elimination expensive HSK clamping sets, a compact automatic tool change spindle, lower cost and less frequent repairs due to fewer moving components, better spindle balance than traditional draw bar systems, and a clamping system that can be replaced or adjusted in the field.

Whether you're a CNC hobbyist working out your garage, or professional production shop, Legacy has a 5-Axis hybrid CNC and a spindle combination that will fit both your budget and your requirements. For more information contact us at 800-279-4570.


Egg & Dart - Carving vs Machining


Snow Flake Christmas Tree Ornament

These three dimensional snow flake ornaments are machined from both sides using an alignment pin method to ensure that both sides line up correctly.  The Z Zero plane is set to the surface of the part while machining the first side and then set to the surface of the table while machining the second side.  This technique insures that the thickness of the part is perfect regardless of whether the stock is the proper thickeness or not.  Legacy customers can download the drawings, CAD/CAM files and G Code files from the Legacy Project Files page.