Lap Joints

Lap joint are the easiest to make of all joints and have withstood the test of time as one of the most dependable joints.  Here we will use  the lapjoint to complete an arc that needs  to be larger than the capacity of the machine.  This joint can also be used to make circular moldings without the weakness of the end grain.


This is the part before I glued it up.


Glueing up the parts I decided to use Gorrilla Glue.  This is a foaming glue that is good for filling the knots for any paint grade projects.  For any projects that you do that are stain grade should be done with wood glue. 


 After glueing the part you can use many methods for clamping.  I decided that using an old strap would be both fast and effective.  Because the part is a circle the tighter the clamping force the tighter the joints.