Magnate - Router Bits including speciality cutters design by Legacy for Ornametnal Milling.
800 827 3216


Cutting Tool Source - Tapered Ball Nose End Mills allow you to carve in a single pass eliminating the need for a roughing pass using a larger diameter cutter.  Use cutter number 3TB25015.
810 938 9229 


Widget Works - Diamond Engraving and Vinyl Cutting Tools for CNC
914 602 9999


KentCNC - one of the most innovative, easy to use CNC dust shoes available. The "Split Shoe" is a two piece shoe. An upper acrylic piece clamps around the bottom portion of the router/spindle. A brush ring is attached to the upper acrylic piece by rare earth magnets. This removable brush ring configuration provides quick and easy access for bit changes and the clear acrylic allows the bit to be viewed during cutting.
210 695 0169


 RJR Studios - Sanding Mops


Wixey - Digital Angle Gauges

The Wixey Digital Angle Gauge accurately sets the Legacy Adjustable Bed for the Arty and Mini Arty CNC machines.  Legacy's CCAM4 software will pause the program and display the correct angle of the Adjustable Bed when machining tapers.  The angle will be displayed in 0.1 degree resolution matching the resolution of the Wixey Digital Angle Gauge.  The magnetic base also makes it extremely handy for setting table saws, miter saws, jointer fences and band saw tables.


 CableGear - Active Cable

This 25' Active USB Cable filters noise and amplifies the signal between your computer and the motion control board on your CNC eliminating the time out getting data errors.






 Oregon Burls - Quality burls for quality creations

Oregon Burls offers green or air dried, figured hard and soft woods.  When you have a need for the extraordinary in wood give us a call.  We are able to ship world wide.
541 450 9499






Intersate HDU - High density urethane

Interstate HDU offers high density urethane/presision board for use in outdoor signage, castings for molds and modeling.  Intersate HDU will ship anywhere in the USA, International orders will be filled per request.