Hollow Spiral Newel Post - Part 3

Surface Planing Flat Stock

Legacy's Conversational CAM V3.1 now has a surface planing module that makes it fast and easy to surface plane stock for gluing up turning blanks or just joining boards flat.  In this video you will learn how to use either the Smart Tool feature to set the Z-axis or set it up manually.


Hollow Spiral Newel Post - Part 2

Turning the Hollow Spiral

In this video we use the Smart Tool to automatically setup the Z-Axis for each cutter as we mill the stock round and then add the turned details and the hollow spiral.


Hollow Spiral Newel Post - Part 1

Machining the Hollow Core

To start this project we use the mobile Smart Tool to setup the Z-axis position when surface planing the stock.  We also mill the hollow core components and then machine support blocks that fit into the ends of the part to mount the part between centers.

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