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Snow Flake Christmas Tree Ornament

These three dimensional snow flake ornaments are machined from both sides using an alignment pin method to ensure that both sides line up correctly.  The Z Zero plane is set to the surface of the part while machining the first side and then set to the surface of the table while machining the second side.  This technique insures that the thickness of the part is perfect regardless of whether the stock is the proper thickeness or not.  Legacy customers can download the drawings, CAD/CAM files and G Code files from the Legacy Project Files page.


Oriental Pergola Part 1 of 3

In part 1 of this video series we show the basic plans for the oriental style pergola and how to joint and cutout the curved rafters.  In the Live Webinars we show how to draw and design the pergola and two methods for creating the program for jointing the parts and how to design and draw.  In the next video we will build the square tapered columns that feature a curved face and show how to wrap the parts around a 3" square steel tube.


Three Legged Pedestal - Part 2 of 2

In this video we machine the table top and add the inlay to complete the three legged pedestal project.


Three Legged Pedestal - Part 1 of 2

In this first video we show turning the spindle, carving the details and adding the indexed sliding dovetail slots.  Then we show how to cut out the legs and mount them vertically in a fixture to mill the dovetail pins.  In the next video we will mill the table top that features inlay.


Wooden Bench Vise

John Hennen of Legacy Woodworking Machinery used VCarve Pro and Conversational CAM to create the code to machine all of the parts for this wooden vise except the threads that are machined in the back plate.  The program for tapping the threads was written in G Code.    Legacy CNC customers can login and follow this link to download the files and codes to build the wooden vise project.

Wooden Vise Files and Programs...