G Code Basics Part 3 of 4 - Basic G Codes

In Part 3 of the Basic G Code Videos you will learn the basic G Codes for creating a simple program.


G Code Basics Part 2 of 4 - G Code Definitions

In part 2 of the G Code Basics videos we will define some of the terms used in G Code and illustrate how to build a simple G Code Program


G Code Basics Part 1 of 4 - Myths and Why

In Part 1 of the G Code Basics videos we will bust a few G Code myths and then illustrate how learning even a little bit about G Code can greatly enhance the capabilities of your Legacy Hybrid CNC.


How to view a Live Online Class.

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2011 CNC Control Interface

Legacy's new CNC Control Interface puts all of the controls on one screen.  New features include intelligent Smart Tool control that detects whether your turning between centers or working with flat stock and sets the Z-axis accordingly, dust shoe controls allowing ou to remove and attach the optional dust shoe from KentCNC, seperate refence buttons allowing you to reference the machine or just the A or X, Y and Z Axes.  A seperate screen is used for calibration and entering the locaton of the Smart Tool pad.